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Elly Tran Ha / Elly Kim Hong / Elly Bồ Công Anh

Have you seen her picture a lot in Facebook? Friendster? How about in Twitter?

Elly Tran Ha or Elly Kim Hong or Elly Bồ Công Anh, a Vietnamese, Sexy, Busty Babe

Want to know who she really is?. Well she goes by a few different names, but there's one name I'm quite sure is the real name. It's "Elly Bồ Công Anh" in Vietnamese.

Elly Tran Ha or Elly Kim Hong wearing her (Vietnamese) National Costume and if you look closely, you could almost see her underwear

She's been a big sensation. Her pictures are all over the net!. Most of her pictures look like her breasts are struggling to come out. And YES! her puppies are 100% Authentic!
Elly Tran Ha or Elly Kim Hong with her assets

Elly's fame have crossed borders, spread across Asia and garnering attention internationally. From Thailand, to Indonesia, to China, Malaysia, Singapore, Philippines, India, Brazil, the United States, Canada and most probably more.

Elly Tran Ha or Elly Kim Hong in a cute but very hot pose

What started all these Vietnamese "Hot Girl" sensation was, last year there was an internet scandal/sensation over a hot girl named Thủy Top. People refer to her as “Vietnam’s Paris Hilton.” In the wake of her popularity, there has been a lot of young Vietnamese “hot girls” who are being sexy on the internet. They post a few cute and sexy photos and become famous in Vietnam just for being hot.

Now Elly and her F-cups are stealing the spotlight from Thủy and her DD-cups.

Elly Tran Ha or Elly Kim Hong the New Vietnamese Goddess

Elly Bồ Công Anh

Famously known as  
Elly Tran Ha

and also Known as;

Elly Kim Hong
Elly Lu Dau

Elly Tran Kim Hong
Nguyen Kim Hong
Tran Kim Hong
(and any other combinations)

Nick name: Elly
Blood type: A
Date of birth: August 6, 1987
Height: 168cm
Weight: 47kg
Measures: 88:58:90
Cup Size: F
Location: Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam
Currently, Elly is a student of tourism.

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