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Hikaru Koto

The Lovely Hikaru Koto

Name: Hikaru Koto
Japanese Name: 古都ひかる
Birthday: 1985/3/13
Blood type: O
Height: 163cm
Body measurements: B85cm W57cm H86cm
Cup Size:E - 65
Home town: Osaka, Japan

The Lovely Hikaru KotoThe Lovely Hikaru Koto

Hikaru made her adult video (AV) debut at age eighteen in the September 2003 release, Virgin Princess - natural (処女宮 -natural-) on the h.m.p. (Houyuu Media Produce)/Platinum Tiffany label. At the beginning of 2009, Amazon.co.jp listed 67 DVDs of her performances, as well as 6 books and 9 videos.

The Lovely Hikaru Koto

Because of her youth, Koto was often presented in cosplay roles as a high-school girl. This can be seen in the May 2004 release Ero Comic. In her June 2004 video, Indecent Attraction, the plot has her being hypnotized to become a nymphomaniac (the box title proclaims "She became a beast"). One of her male companions is famous AV actor Chocoball Mukai.
In February 2005 Koto was given the Best Actress Grand Prize at the 2005 Adult Broadcasting Awards for her work on the Rainbow Channel in the 2004 broadcasting season. She spent her entire AV career working for h.m.p. (Houyuu Media Produce) and released her last original video with them in July 2004. A 4 volume DVD compilation of her complete works was released by h.m.p. in July and August 2005.
Since retiring from the adult industry, Koto has become one of Japan's most popular YouTube personalities under the name 'cotorich' and is known for her frequent use of "Ohayō. Konnichiwa. Konbanwa".

The Lovely Hikaru KotoThe Lovely Hikaru Koto

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