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Weekly Special - July: Week 1

Girls wearing straps

between breasts

Why do they make things hard for us??

American Urban Dictionary:

Strap Jacks

When a woman wears her purse over her shoulder so that the strap rests between her boobs.
The increased amount of boobage is known as "Strap Jacks."
 "When Carol put on her purse, I noticed that she had a great set of strap jacks."

American Urban Dictionary:

Strap Rack

When a girl wears a single strap bag that cuts across her chest and makes her boobs more pronounced.
It also works with car seat belts.
"Did you see that girls strap rack, it was like they were coming at me."

(  )//(  )

Hi, everyone. I've been busy for the last few weeks and haven't been checking in here, so it was a pleasant surprise to see the new look! Hope you all are well.

Now my dilemma, if I can call it that. I really like the idea of cross-body bags, especially when I travel. However, I'm rather busty, and I just never feel like the bags look good on me because of where the straps lie. (Whether I put the strap between my breasts, or wear the bag a bit lower or higher so the strap is above or below my bust, it always seems unflattering.) I do have a very small bag with thin round straps that seems to be okay, but it doesn't hold much.
Are there any other busty ladies out there who have found a solution, e.g. "straps should be round" or "straps should be flat" or "straps should be wider than __"... anything like that? Or brand suggestions for bags that have worked for you?
I haven't quite given up on this idea yet, but I fear I'm about to.

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