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Weekly Special - June: Week 1

Benefits of Good

Sitting Posture

We can already SEE the benefits on her!

In the University of Sydney, research workers have observed that sitting up straight the whole day raises a person’s energy expenditure equal to an hour’s walk. They have also found out that this particular energy output will increase whenever an individual fidgets using the two legs together at the same time.

According to the Cleveland Clinic, a person has good posture any time one's own position brings about the least amount of pressure on supporting muscle groups as well as ligaments whenever he or she move or perhaps does physically demanding tasks.

A good sitting posture would be sitting down having your back upright and your bottom towards the back of the seat. Keep your feet flat on the floor and bend your knees in a 90 degree angle.

Keeping good healthy posture gives everyone numerous benefits.


Maintaining good posture also does wonders for ones physical appearance. Correct posture would help a person make a good first impression and appear more attractive, although this girl would still look incredibly attractive no matter what position she is in. When you refrain from slouching, you appear taller and slimmer. All these factors will ideally boost ones self-confidence.

Proper Breathing

Breathing problems might develop because of bad posture. Good posture will help open up the air passages and enhances inhaling and exhaling. The right breathing makes it possible for improved oxygen circulation within the cardiopulmonary system. The bloodstream then provides a sufficient amount of oxygen to the nervous system, bodily organs along with various other cells so that they function efficiently.


Good posture and back support are important for reducing incidences along with amounts associated with back and neck discomfort. The greater part of men and women with back aches has made favorable results simply by improving his or her posture. Good posture helps prevent pains. It helps to keep the bones and joints in correct alignment thus making the muscle groups perform much more efficiently, avoiding strain and overuse.

Future Health

You can easily avoid future health problems by simply maintaining good posture. Correct posture minimizes abnormal deterioration and tear on your joint surfaces which could result in arthritis; in addition, it minimizes strain on ligaments which connect vertebral joints. Unhealthy posture might result in the backbone developing a permanent deformity. This can easily trigger spinal disk complications along with narrowed blood vessels as well as nerves, along with dysfunction and constant soreness in muscular tissues and joint.

For many office people and people in front of computers, there is simply no getting away from the truth of being seated for rather a long time. However there are a number of things a person can do in order to help decrease the damage.

For every 20 minutes that you sit down, get up and move for at the very least 20 seconds. For every two hours, take the time to accomplish these easy stretching routines to loosen up your muscles and tendons, and get your blood streaming:

  • Shoulder Retractions – Start off by simply sitting up straight in your chair, with your feet on the floor. Move your shoulders away from your ears, and pull your shoulder blades together as hard as you possibly can. Make certain to always keep your head in line with your spinal column. Hold for 10 mere seconds, then release. Consider performing sets of 10.

  • Chest Elevations – Sit down in a chair with your arms on your sides. Carefully bring up your upper body towards the ceiling, keeping your head parallel with the floor (don’t look up). Hold for 10 seconds, then release. Consider doing sets of 10.

  • Upper Cervical Spinal cord Flexes –From the upper body elevation position, dip your head forward slightly (as if you’re nodding “yes”). Feel the stretch in your neck at the base of your head. Hold for 10 seconds, then release. Consider doing sets of 10.

  • Lower Back Stretch – Sit forward in a chair. Lift one of your knees near your chest, grabbing the back of your thigh and slowly pulling it towards you. Always keep your back upright and try not to lean forward. Hold for 10 seconds, then release. Consider doing sets of 10.

So next time, tell her to practice a good sitting posture. It may bring you benefits too! =)

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