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Christine Mendoza

Name: Christine Mendoza

Ethnicity: Filipina
Birthday: August 7, 1983

Height: 5' 4" / 163 cm
Body measurements: Bust-Waist-Hips = 36-25-36 / 91-64-91
Cup Size:C
Born in: Bulacan, Philippines
Current Location: Camarillo, CA, USA

Christine Mendoza is a Filipina glamour model best known for her appearances in import automotive magazines and car shows. She has become famous in internet with a strong fan following in MySpace, and YouTube and has appeared in numerous bikini and swimsuit magazines.

She can speak Tagalog fluently. Her family settled in Oxnard, then moved to Camarillo, California. She was discovered while attending a car show with a friend when she was approached by an import tuner magazine. Soon after turning 18 she started her modeling career. When she first posed for a magazine cover her parents became enraged. Since then, they have supported her choice. She has since moved to Los Angeles for her modeling career.

I never told my mother about my modeling. I figured, "Hey, she'll never find out!" I was too scared to tell my parents since they were always strict with me. One day, my mother comes home after shopping at the grocery store. She looked PISSED. I was sitting on the couch watching TV. She turned off the TV and glared at me. Then, she slammed the magazine (with me on the cover) onto the couch.

*dun dun dunnnnnn!*

"Wat is DIS?! When werr yoo going to tell me about DIS?!" She yelled. She started screaming off the top of her Filipino lungs! I was so scared! She reached for her slipper and when I saw that, I ran! I ran straight to my room while ducking as the slipper flew 2 inches past my head. I ducked and swerved, Matrix style! When I got inside, I locked my door and sat against the door, panting, scared outta my mind! My mom was on the other side, pounding on the door. I thought she was gonna break the door down with a karate kick or something! Oh man! Was I in deep sh*t! haha! She tattle-tailed to my dad, and they were both angry with me! They eventually got over it and have accepted it. They trust me and my judgment, and they now fully support my endeavors within the field.

Christine continues to make occasional appearances at Hot Import Nights, a popular car show which makes stops at various cities in the United States, and at other shows such as Glamourcon. She also appears in nightclubs in the Los Angeles area as a go-go dancer. She was recently included (short glimpses) in the music video "Bebot" of The Black Eyed Peas (from the album Monkey Business)

Aside from modeling, she is also active in charity work creating her own charity, "Project Mendoza" for helping children in the Philippines.

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