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Ryu Ji Hye

Name: Ryu Ji Hye

Ethnicity: KoreanKorean Name: 류지혜
Birthday: October 28, 1989

Height: 5' 8.5" / 174cm
Body measurements: Bust-Waist-Hips = 35-24-35 / 90-60-90
Current Location: South Korea

Her name can be written as 류지혜or  Ryu Ji Hye or sometimes Ryu Ji-Hye or even Ji-Hye Ryu because in Korea they write the surname (last name) first then the given name (first name) which is sometimes dashed when translated into English.

Ji-Hye 류지혜 is known for her... well, you guessed it, cleavage ~haha!

Other than her cleavage, she is also hot and sexy. Well, actually all the girls we feature here are HOT and SEXY.

류지혜 has a lot of poses. She is awesome in pretty much all of the Asian poses known which includes the v-sign (peace sign), nyan nyan, louder, heart, pony tail, pleading, and praying.

Ryu Ji Hye 류지혜 has the same name with a former female table tennis player also from South Korea.

In 2010 she won the Racing Model Popularity award!

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